I am married to the most patient, honourable, loving man named Jason. Over the years we have built a healthy (though far from perfect) marriage.

We have endured many seasons that could’ve separated us, but thankfully through our Father’s love, our hearts have been transformed to fight the good fight for one another.

Our daughters, Calley (13) and Saylee (10) have been an incredible motivation for us to struggle well. As a parent I know we won’t always do things right, but we sure are doing the best with what we’ve been given.

We are thankful for this beautiful opportunity to increase our love and grace for each other and every generation to come.  

Our family, like many, lives a full life.

My husband is a Realtor, which often comes with evening and weekend work. Our youngest Saylee is a competitive swimmer and our oldest Calley is a volleyball player. They’re also involved with youth nights, music, volunteer and more.

It is an abundant-full, beautiful, often messy life. Some of our favourite things to do include travelling, camping, mountain getaways, snowboarding, reading, playing board games, walking, and being with friends and family, especially our church family.

Breaking free from binge, emotional and overeating has been a tremendous blessing for our family. Overeating often left me irritable, impatient and stressed out. My family didn’t know if I was going to have a good day or a bad day.

They frequently ‘walked on egg shells’ (as my husband used to say) waiting to see how I’d respond. Since breaking free, I am a far more patient, kind, gentle, peaceful and loving mom.

Oh, the freedom to live with far less guilt and WAY MORE LOVE than ever before!!! If you’ve been there, it would be my honour to help you break free so you too can live a healthier, happier life!