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Made For More!

Made For More!


Have you ever considered that you were made for more? More than the heart ache, more than the vicious cycle, more than the failure and being ruled over by whatever it is that controls your every thought and mind. We were made for victory!

Only a few weeks ago I was speaking with a friend who said, “I just want to know what life would be like without this constant worry, constant fear and stress.” I could relate to her concern as I shared how I’ve been riddled with food issues for so many years of my life, that I wondered who I could be without it?


My identity was wrapped up in the struggle which caused continual comparison, criticism, and condemnation. I wanted to believe I was made for more, however it was increasingly discouraging when so many of my methods were met with resistance and failure. I sought to improve body image through strict dieting with the hopes that by changing my actions, it would change my heart. It took me years to realize that what I wanted to achieve couldn’t be done by an outside-in approach, rather it had to start within.  

I don’t know where this it came from, however somewhere along the way, our teaching got confused about growth and progress. We were told that if we could only work harder and do more, we’d eventually get to the place where our hopes and dreams come true. If hard work was the answer, then why do so many of us still feel like we’re not enough or that we’re failing? The solution has to be so much more than hard work alone.


We often do things without understanding why we do what we do and end up with more of what we don’t want. One of the greatest breakthroughs I experienced was when I finally came to the understanding that my body image issues wasn’t about losing the last 10lbs, as much as it was about learning to love and accept myself more. Out of a lack of love and acceptance, came increased criticism, which increased internal stress and frustration. To relieve the stress, I sought a pleasurable escape, AKA food. Though it offered momentary relief, the delayed effect was more of what I didn’t want; stress, frustration, and body image issues. I was feeding the vicious cycle that I was so desperately trying to break. Only since I’ve started to love and accept myself more have I been able to release a stress I was literally feeding.


Being made for more involves an increase of something, however it’s very possible, it’s not the thing you thought it was. Knowing what it may be is a process of discovery within, which becomes more clear through questions and prayer. Here are a few key questions you could ask:

What is it specifically that I want to achieve?

What will having _______ (the answer to last question) do for me?

What about ______ (the answer to last question) is most important to me?

How do I envision life will be different once I’ve achieved that?

So _________ (the answer to last question) is also important to me. What impact will having that make in my family life, personal life and career?

What else could open up for me once I have __________ (the answer to last question)?


This was in part how I discovered my desire for more love and acceptance. Though I thought it was about weight loss, every question led me a layer deeper in my soul to uncover what had really been missing.

Next time we’ll dive into another area we were made for more and how our passions and some of our past experiences contribute to our incredible purpose. Look forward to seeing you then!


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